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Kaizen CrossFit - "A Change For The Better"

Why Kaizen?

Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” and “change for the better”. It is a daily undertaking that is continuous through each and every activity that is accepted. It strives for thinking and a response from a whole instead of a “control and command” attack of a single. It engages the whole and inspires each individual to partake in the many activities needed to effectively improve and adapt into a change for the better. We believe that this reflection to Kaizen is an expression of our philosophy to health and fitness. We want you to engage and be an active player in reaching your health and fitness goals. We also want to continuously improve our coaching and training we provide for you by staying true to our pledge. With this philosophy it will allow us all to gain a better, healthier and fit lifestyle in and outside of the gym.

Meet Our Team

James Stella - Owner and Founder

About James

My name is James Stella and I am the Founder of Kaizen CrossFit here in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. I fell in love with CrossFit after personally having great results losing weight. This ignited a fire in me to start my own gym and help other people have the same success that I did.

I started Kaizen over 15 years ago and I developed a passion for helping other people take control of their health and live a better and healthier lifestyle. Fast forward 11 years later and we have transformed Kaizen into more than a gym, we are a community and a family that that look out for one another's health and well being!

Michael Cimorelli - Manager/Head Coach

I have a few loves in my life; my family, competitive fitness , playing music and Kaizen CrossFit! 

My benchmark for success and happiness is to be able to have it all in life. Coaching athletes at every level, improving my knowledge and skills, fine tuning my physical/emotional/mental game and always looking for ways to grow. 

I fell in love with CrossFit specifically because of the mental toughness it creates. Always pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself and breaking through the barriers we create in our lives. 

It brings me joy to create the best experience possible in our gym. I am a very passionate person and I love sharing my passion with anyone who walks through those doors. 

My mission as a coach is to always have our athletes leave with more than what they came with. Whether its a new PR on a lift, a 1st pull up or even just finishing the WOD. That brings joy to my heart to see everyone putting in the hard work and doing things they never thought possible.

CrossFit Certifications CF-L1 CF-L2

Madeline Boldt - Certified CrossFit Coach

“I will definitely be so good at this, it probably won’t even be hard,” I thought to myself moments before my first CrossFit workout humbled me right into the ground.

I like to distinguish “fun” by two categories. “Type 1” fun is instant gratification: going out to the bar with friends, binge watching your favorite TV show. eating a delicious meal, etc. “Type 2” fun, my preferred method, is miserable. It’s the kind of fun that is only fun once it’s over. It involves hard work, sweat, exertion, even sometimes fear… but the reward is great. Type 2 fun increases pride, self esteem, and quality of life.

A long-time lover of Type 2 fun, I’ve been immersed in athletics for a long time. Growing up I was a very competitive swimmer, a mediocre volleyball player, and traditional rock climber. Lately, I’ve emphasized a focus in Yoga (200hr teacher training certified), and CrossFit (Level 1 Certified, Adaptive Training Certified). You wanna talk Type 2 fun? CrossFit is a special kind of misery-induced gratification. My favorite part of coaching is watching people surprise themselves. Moments in which people push themselves past their perceived limits are magical. Witnessing these moments of transformation are always the highlight of my day, my job, and serve as my inspiration.

Certifications CF-L1, Adaptive Training Certified, Certified Yoga Instructor 

Kristen Finn - Certified CrossFit Coach

Kristen has been a certified personal trainer for the past 7 years and a CrossFit coach for almost 5 years. Her passion for fitness started at a young age in Massachusetts playing field hockey on a state championship winning team, running, and horseback riding. Since starting CrossFit,  Kristen has developed a passion for Olympic lifting, strongman, and nutrition coaching. She is passionate about sharing her love of fitness with people of all ages and abilities.


CF-L1 -CrossFit L-1
PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Strongman
USAW Sports Performance Coach
RRCA Running Coach

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