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Kaizen CrossFit - "A Change For The Better"

What is CrossFit?

Why Us?

Our difference from other CrossFit gyms is in our endeavor and pledge to our students. We truly believe in what we are striving to create and accomplish. You can feel it in our gym and community with each of our students on a daily basis. We don’t just provide a workout each day and a place to do it in. We support and provide the structure for you as an individual to use your physical strengths and your mental strengths in undertaking new skills and challenges you never thought possible before. We support you with the coaches and techniques needed for you to excel in your fitness goals, leading you to a better mind, body and attitude to live life to its fullest. . . . Read More

Our Pledge

We are committed to providing a professional & progressive environment filled with a knowledgeable staff of coaches focused on you reaching your fitness needs and goals. We promise to push each individual to their own greatest potential with daily challenges in our workouts supported by a community of motivation and drive. We will continuously train ourselves with our workouts and attend additional training certifications, provided through CrossFit, for the advancement of the community and training we can provide for you.

What Our Customers Say

“Cant say​​​​​​​ it enough. This is by far my favorite Crossfit box in Las Vegas!”

I have been doing CrossFit since the original box back in Santa Cruz. I see it all, all over the country from box to box.  And, every time I am in Vegas I come back to this box because it was one of the first CrossFits in Las Vegas.
I could easily just lift weights at the hotel gym my company pays for but nothing beats getting in a WOD at this CrossFit Box in vegas.  For me it is worth the little extra drive to get out there and work out with James, Eric, and Mike.   These guys are old school CrossFitters I always see them at the games and they make me feel like family when I am in their box.

Another nice thing about this box is they actually have showers!!  So after a hard work out I can clean up there.  This box is actually equipped with everything, sleds, rings, rowers, everything!  And, all the equipment is brand new and kept really clean.

Cant say it enough. This is by far my favorite crossfit box in las vegas,  See you there!

Scott N.

Client Since 2015

“If anyone is looking for a serious workout, with serious support, I highly recommend checking out Kaizen!”

Health and wellness, fitness, and maintaining a great diet requires a lot of hard and a lot of discipline.

Kaizen Crossfit was established may of 2009 in the sweet suburban town of Summerlin in Las Vegas. I recently checked it out and was pleasantly surprised with the facility and the trainers.

Both Eric and James helped me out. We scheduled a one-on-one, they asked me a few questions about what my fitness and personal goals are, what I am hoping to accomplish through crossfit, and what i expect from them. it really was a beautiful introductory to the gym and family that i am now apart of.

Never again will I look at a regular gym (24hour fitness, anytime fitness, etc.) the same after my experience with Kaizen Crossfit. the support that I received in the first hour alone reassured me they genuinely care about my goals and what i want to accomplish by being there and using their facility.

If anyone is looking for a serious workout, with serious support, highly recommend checking out kaizen.

Sheri Y.

Client Since 2009

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